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Get great seats for key NFL match-ups such as the week 6 match up Vikings vs Bears or the New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys. Your favorite team's home games may be sold out, but online sources such as StubHub, Barrys Tickets, Ticketmaster, GoTickets, RazorGator and other online ticket broker sites may still have Cleveland Browns tickets available.

One of the most exciting offenses, the "run and shoot" is not actively used by any current NFL teams especially the Browns. Some of the league's top QB's would put up huge numbers under the offense. QBs such as Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Carson Palmer would definitely come close to 40 TD passes a year. Fans in Cleveland would love to see a more exciting offense.

What has become known as the "run and shoot" offense actually got its start in the 1950's, under Middletown, Ohio coach Tiger Ellison. Ellison actually got the idea for the offense while watching grade schoolers playing a little backyard football. His original "run and shoot" formation, which was called the "Lonesome Polecat."

Browns Tickets

With the right personnel, the run-and-shoot can become a great addition to any NFL teams or coach's arsenal. It's important to remember, however, that this offense, while entertaining for fans, became obsolete in the advent of quicker defensive personnel and more aggressive schemes. However, it still provides an intriguing glimpse into one of football's more dynamic schemes.

A lot of old school coaches like to play hard nose run the ball down the throat football.